Our training services will help you build essential skills necessary to sustain the OKR way of life.
We also help you build internal capability by certifying key people within your organisation.

OKR Orientations

Fully customised sessions to suit your needs. We have a range of orientation sessions including Virtual Learning, Half-Day & Full-Day Sessions.

  • History of OKRs
  • Benefits
  • Process of OKR
  • Defining OKRs
  • Examples of OKRs
  • Implementing OKRs
  • Best Practices & Guidelines
  • Tracking & Grading OKRs
OKR Workshops

Specifically designed to help leaders, managers and teams be able to create, align & validate OKRs. Key themes covered in our workshops are

  • Understanding top level OKRs
  • Team & Individual OKRs
  • Cross Functional OKRs
  • Top-Down & Bottom-Up Alignment of OKRs
  • Balancing OKRs
  • Validating OKRs
OKR SKill Programs

The C-F-R approach requires conscious application of key skills like coaching, feedback, feedforward and meeting management.

  • Coaching Skills
  • Feedback Skills
  • Feedforward Skills
  • Appreciative Listening™
  • Catalytic Questioning™
  • Meeting Management Skills
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Unconscious Biases
OKR Certifications

You will need ‘North Stars’ (OKR Champions) to help coach, challenge and sustain the OKR momentum after the initial implementation.

  • Role of OKR Champions
  • Cadence Management
  • 30-60-90 Day Management
  • Using the OKR playbook
  • FAQs
  • One on One conversations
  • Onboarding New Hires
  • Validating OKRs