OKR Coach Certification

OKR Training & Certification – 15 & 22 July 2023

World’s leading OKR Coach Certification. Certified OKR Practitioner (C-OKRP™) by OKR International is the gold standard in OKR Training. The Certified OKR Practitioner is the first and only OKR accreditation endorsed by ICF & HRCI for continuing education units.

C-OKRP - Level 1
Certified OKR Practitioner – Level 1 Credential
C-OKRP - Level 2
Certified OKR Practitioner – Level 2 Credential

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a goal-setting framework that helps organizations set ambitious goals with measurable results. The Certified OKR Practitioner (C-OKRP™) is a professional credential that signifies an individual’s proficiency in implementing and managing OKRs within an organization. This certification is highly sought after by professionals who aim to drive performance and growth in their organizations.

Benefits of OKR Training Certification

The benefits of obtaining an OKR Training Certification are manifold. On a personal level, it equips professionals with the skills to set, track, and achieve high-impact goals, thereby enhancing their career prospects. It also demonstrates a commitment to professional development and a deep understanding of strategic planning and performance management.

From an organizational perspective, having certified OKR professionals can significantly improve the execution of strategic goals. It ensures that the team is aligned and moving in the same direction. Moreover, it fosters a culture of accountability and transparency, as every team member is aware of their responsibilities and how their work contributes to the overall objectives of the organization.

Key Benefits

  1. Professional Accreditation
  2. Digital Badge
  3. Lifetime Certification – No Renewals
  4. 16 Hours – Immersive Learning
  5. Opportunity for Franchise Partnerships
  6. Access to OKR Coach Community

About The C-OKRP™ Accreditation

OKR Coach Certification

The Certified OKR Practitioner accreditation program is a 16-hour OKR Coach Certification, staggered over 2 separate days. This accreditation program is the first of its kind to be endorsed by International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) for continuing education units. The Certified OKR Practitioner accreditation is based on highly-researched OKR Body of Knowledge (OKR-BOK™) that covers OKR Framework, OKR Principles, OKR Processes and OKR Skills

Day 1 is focused on the OKR Framework, Principles and Processes and helps you achieve the Certified OKR Practitioner Level-1 Accreditation. Day 2 is focused on OKR Skills that are necessary to help you achieve the Certified OKR Practitioner Level-2 Accreditation and thus become an OKR Coach or Champion

OKR Coach Certification Workshop Details

Date: 15 & 22 July 2023

Timings:  06:00 – 14:00 UTC

Language: English

ICF & HRCI Credits: 16

Fees: USD 999 (Early Bird USD 899 if you register by 30 Jun. 2023)

Who should attend the OKR Coach Certification ?

  • CEO / CXO level Leaders
  • Change Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • HR & OD Professionals
  • Technology & Startup Professionals
  • Chief of Staff

Course Methodology

  • Instructor-led Facilitation
  • Case Work & Scenarios
  • Real-life Examples
  • Cohort Practice
  • Real Play

Course Materials

  • Participant Workbook
  • OKR Templates
  • Articles & Whitepapers
  • OKR Implementation Checklists
  • Ready-reckoner Laminates

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Bring OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to your organisation with our tried & tested OKR Framework.

OKR Implementation
OKR Coach Certification

OKR International’s highly acclaimed Certified OKR Practitioner Program is the first and only OKR accreditation endorsed by ICF & HRCI for continuing education units.

OKR International helps leaders create the alignment, engagement and result orientation needed for growth by offering OKR Advisory services.

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