Top 10 OKR Coaches in the World

So you got your self an OKR software and now you are wondering how to go about implementing OKRs within your team or company? Better still, you’ve read ‘the book’ and watched some webinars/videos on OKRs and feel confident of running OKRs on your own? Sounds familiar?

OKRs look simple to deploy, but they may well turn out to be rather tricky. You can still salvage the situation! Our team of world renowned OKR coaches can help you every step of the way. Whether it’s OKR Planning or OKR Implementation, we have you covered.

Global Virtual Coaching
OKR International offers remote, virtual coaching services in the midst of the current pandemic related restrictions. 

Our Team of Master Coaches

Typical 'Stuck Areas' Needing OKR Coaching

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