How do you differentiate the new-age goal setting, communicating and tracking methodology, “OKRs” from balance scorecard approach and what are the benefits/advantages of OKRs?

Many companies strive to implement Continuous Performance Management Systems. How does a company know whether OKRs are the right framework for driving transformation and success?

How to position OKR adoption in a mid-sized Co. which is ambitious to grow, but has a very top-down mission oriented leadership led culture?

What is the best practice for crafting measurable, long-term (i.e. multi quarter) leading KRs whose true impact may only be felt after 3 or 4 quarters?

What are 2 or 3 best practices to align leadership on kick starting the OKR journey & modifying their current practices of managing performance & critical organisational objectives?

 How can OKR coaches create an effective, scalable, repeatable framework that supports high-growth startups with OKRs?

What are the challenges that an organization may encounter when moving from a traditional Performance Management Practices to OKRs and how to overcome them?

What advice would you give to an organization that is attempting to reimplement OKRs after a previously failed attempt? 

When OKRs are defined and their numbers are reduced to a reasonable level, they are considered “lost”... How to overcome this?

How can goal setting help someone overcome the fear of starting up a business?

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