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Key to Strategy Execution

The Certified OKR Practitioner Level 1 accreditation prepares you to master the OKR Framework, Planning & Alignment of OKRs.

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Come join us in our journey of virtual OKR training, coaching and Implementation services.

The Certified OKR Practitioner Level 2 accreditation prepares you to master the skills needed to become an OKR Coach/Champion.

OKR International

OKR International is part of Seven People Systems Pvt. Ltd., a leading consulting & research company specializing in business performance. It operates programs in practice domains including strategy, human resource management, organisation development and people development. Our core team of Professional OKR Practitioners offer OKR implementation consulting, coaching, training and OKR Certification globally. 

Our Purpose

To help transform organisations by making them more agile, more collaborative & more successful.

Why Choose Us?

Simple! We deliver results. At OKR International, we have been leaders in the space of Strategy Execution, Culture Transformation, Organisation & Leadership Development and Learning Solutions across the globe.

  • Nearly 15 years of experience in consulting solutions.
  • Global footprint across 12 countries and 20+ industry sectors.
  • 350+ Clients across Fortune 500 companies.
  • Cutting edge solutions with proven results.

Where we play

OKR Implementation

Our time-tested OKR Framework will enable you to convert your company’s strategy into execution, quickly.

Our robust framework will start giving you results within the first quarter itself.

OKR Accreditation

Our Accreditation & Training services will help you build essential skills necessary to sustain the OKR way of life.

We can also help you build internal capability by certifying key people within your organisation.

OKR Coaching

If you already have OKRs in place, we are more than happy to Coach You on validating your OKRs or guide you in re-launching OKRs.

Our team of professional experts  can support you in your ongoing OKR implementation journey.

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