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Who We Are

OKR International is part of Seven People Systems Pvt. Ltd., a leading consulting & research company specializing in Strategy Planning, OKRs, Culture Transformation and Agile Leadership Development. Our purpose is to help transform organisations by making them more agile, more collaborative and more successful. We have a global footprint in 15+ countries with a repertoire across 23+ industries.

Helping organisations globally to differentiate their only competitive advantage (People) has been our raison d’être since the time of our inception. Our services are aimed at creating practical, workable solutions that are based on Cross Industry Experience & Global Practices. We are global leaders in OKR Implementation, Training & Coaching.

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Where We Play

OKR Accreditation - C-OKRP
OKR Accreditation

Our Accreditation & Training services will help you build essential skills necessary to sustain the OKR way of life.

OKR Implementation
OKR Consulting

Our time-tested OKR Framework will enable you to convert your company’s strategy into execution, quickly.

OKR Advisory
OKR Advisory

If you already have OKRs in place, we are more than happy to Coach You on validating your OKRs or guide you in re-launching OKRs.

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Enhance your career. Become a world-class OKR Coach.

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The Gold Standard in OKR Accreditation.

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