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Implement OKRs

Implement OKRs

Learning how to implement OKRs is about mastering change management. At OKR International, we are not just experts on OKRs - we also bring a systemic approach that gives you results within the first cycle.

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We Deliver Results

15+ years of proven results

Practical Expertise

Robust, Adaptable OKR Framework

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Change Management

Culture/Leadership for Agile Organisations.

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OKR Implementation Framework

Our time-tested OKR Implementation Framework has been developed with decades of experience in strategy execution. You need a partner that not only brings OKR expertise to the table, but also a deep repertoire of industry knowledge with a strong background in strategy execution and change management. Our four step model is easy for your employees to understand and robust enough for you to see changes from the very first quarter.

OKR Framework

Focus on Priority

We believe in keeping the main thing, the main thing. We work with your leadership team to understand the strategic goals of the organization and align them to the OKR Implementation plan. Whatever your existing systems may be, we help you to integrate OKRs with minimum disruption. 

Align For Momentum

As experts in organisational culture, we help you simplify the process of OKRs. We coach you through critical activities such as validating your OKRs, engaging leaders/teams to align OKRs (bottom-up and cross alignment) and also implementing the right OKR Software Platform.

Track Check

Our tried and tested phased-out incremental execution plan provides an opportunity to learn quickly and be agile. Being clear and disciplined about OKR implementation rituals like check ins, all hands meetings, cadence reviews, closing OKRs & OKR retrospects is the key to success here. 

Build Sustainability

Our unique Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model ensures you are fully capable of independently running the OKR process within 2 quarter cycles itself. Our globally renowned OKR Accreditation helps you create OKR Champions that have all the resources you need to sustain OKRs over time.

OKR Implementation Journey

OKR Implementation Journey - OKR International

OKR Advisory

Not sure if you need end-to-end implementation yet? Check out our suite of fully customisable OKR Advisory Services.

OKR Advisory Services - OKR International

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