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OKR International helps leaders create the alignment, engagement and result orientation needed for growth by offering OKR Advisory services.

OKR Advisory Services - OKR International

No two organisations implement OKRs the same way. A spectrum of factors like your industry, company life cycle, nature of products/services, existing culture / leadership, internal systems or even your organisation design could dictate how OKRs could be implemented differently.

OKR International brings you a repertoire of 15+ years across 22+ industry sectors globally, to help you with OKR re-booting. Our online and on-site delivery of OKR Advisory services comes with expertise from professionals who have decades of experience in strategy, performance management, culture and leadership development.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

We Deliver Results

15+ years of proven results

Practical Expertise

Robust, Adaptable OKR Framework

Multiple Solutions

Training, Consulting & Technology

Change Management

Culture/Leadership for Agile Organisations.

Proven Leadership

World's first to be endorsed by ICF & HRCI

Suite of OKR Advisory Services

Clarity of Direction
OKR Strategy Advisory
OKRs are a conduit to convert your strategy into execution. Without a strategy, your OKRs may end up directionless. We can help you create the right business strategy even before you start the OKRs process. Be it Balanced Scorecards, BCG Matrix or Porter's 5 Forces, we have it all covered.

Get Your Purpose Right
Vision - Mission-Values
Vision Mission Values - OKR International
Your organisation's raison d'etre is critical in helping you choose your OKR priorities. It also acts as the North Star that helps you decide what not to do as a business. Don't have your Vision-Mission-Values or Purpose in place? write to us today!

Cadence Management
OKR Coaching
OKR Coaching - OKR International
Started with OKRs, but not sure if you are doing it right? Need help with coaching your leaders in getting alignment and engagement with your team? Our global panel of OKR experts and professional coaches can support you in your OKRs journey, every step of the way.

Technology Advisory
OKR Software Solutions
OKR Software - OKR International
Selecting the right OKR software technology can be daunting. We can ease your pressure of choosing the right software technology. You need someone that understands your ecosystem and also knows what software solutions are out there. Visit our OKR Software Marketplace to know more about how to choose the rightsoftware.

Integrating OKRs
Performance Management
Performance Management - OKR International
Do I integrate OKRs with my existing Performance Management System? Do I keep OKRs de-linked from my Performance Management System? How do I manage this conundrum? Leave it to the experts! With more than 15 years of experience in setting up Performance Management Systems, we know exactly how to solve these problems.
OKRs for Venture Funds

Plans & Packages


1 Quarter Cycle
  • OKR User Training (Max 20)
  • Company Level OKRs
  • Team Level OKRs
  • OKR Implementation Templates


  • OKR User Training (Additional 30)
  • 10 Cadence Review Meets X 1 Hr
  • 1 Quarter End Retro X 2 Hrs
  • OKR Planning - Next Qtr. Cycle


Fully customised plan.
  • Any number of cycles
  • Any number of employees
  • Any number of teams
  • Budget friendly

One Marketplace. Many Solutions.
OKR Software Marketplace
Plan, Align & Scale Your OKRs with our global OKR Software Marketplace.
Software Marketplace
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