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OKR International's highly acclaimed Certified OKR Practitioner Program is the first and only OKR accreditation endorsed by ICF & HRCI for continuing education units.


The Original Professional OKR Accreditation

World’s first and only OKR Accreditation endorsed by ICF & HRCI.

About The C-OKRP™ Accreditation

The Certified OKR Practitioner accreditation program is a 16-hour course staggered over 2 separate days. This accreditation program is the first of its kind to be endorsed by International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) for continuing education units. The Certified OKR Practitioner accreditation is based on highly-researched OKR Body of Knowledge (OKR-BOK™) that covers OKR Framework, OKR Principles, OKR Processes and OKR Skills

Day 1 is focused on the OKR Framework, Principles and Processes and helps you achieve the Certified OKR Practitioner Level-1 Accreditation. Day 2 is focused on OKR Skills that are necessary to help you achieve the Certified OKR Practitioner Level-2 Accreditation and thus become an OKR Coach or Champion

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Upcoming Courses in 2023

18 & 25 Feb. 2023

Instructor-Led Online - English
$ 999
  • 05:00 - 13:00 hours UTC
  • 16 Credit Hours
  • Digitally Verified Badge
  • Lifetime License
Few Seats

17 & 18 Mar. 2023

Instructor-Led Online - English
$ 999
  • 05:00 - 13:00 hours UTC
  • 16 Credit Hours
  • Digitally Verified Badge
  • Lifetime License
Sold Out

25 Mar. & 01 Apr. 2023

Instructor-Led Online - Italian
  • 08:00 - 17:00 hours Italy
  • 16 Credit Hours
  • Digitally Verified Badge
  • Lifetime License

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C-OKRP™ OKR Practitioner Course Content

Why OKRs?

Introduction to OKRs and it's superpowers.


Definition and standards of OKRs & Initiatives

Types of OKRs

Various kinds of OKRs & its uses

OKR Practice

Crafting OKRs & receving feedback

OKR Cycles & Levels

Implementing OKRs across the organisation

Balancing OKRs

Creating sustained growth through balanced OKRs

Value Based KRs

How to generate and outcome based mindset

OKR Alignment

How to Align OKRs in a multi-directional way?

OKR Process

How to implement OKRs for the first time?

OKR Rituals

Rituals within the planning & implementation process

OKR Champions

Role of an OKR Champion, Project Lead & HR

S.A.F.E Model

Responding to scenarios during implementation

OKR Conversations

OKR Skills of Coaching, Feedback & Acknowledgement

Psychological Safety

Building the right culture for OKRs to thrive

Cadence Reviews

Planning & conducting cadence reviews


Two online exams with 75% pass criteria

Who should attend?

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Course Materials

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The Certified OKR Practitioner is a 2-Day learning process, spread across a week.

Yes, indeed – that’s possible. We can conduct this certification for your internal teams either face to face or virtually. Please write to us and we can share more details.

The International Coaching Federation & Human Resource Certification Institute have endorsed our program for 16 hours of recertification units.

Simply click here to fill the form with your details and we will get back to you with options for payment.

If you pay up and are unable to attend on the scheduled dates, you are always welcome to join our next batch.

  • Any withdrawals post-payment, the attendance fee will be refunded, less $75 retained for administrative expenditure.
  • If you find yourself in the impossibility to attend the course after the registration process is already completed, you may delegate another person to attend the course in your place or choose another date from the list of scheduled dates available without any further fees charged.
  • If you have confirmed and made the attendance fee payment but you didn’t attend the course, the course attendance fee will not be refunded.
  • If you attend the course only partially, you will not benefit from any attendance fee reduction or refund.
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No, because this is a one time certification course.

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