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OKR International offers remote, virtual coaching services in the midst of the current pandemic related travel restrictions. 

So you got your self an OKR software and now you are wondering how to go about implementing OKRs within your team or company? Better still, you’ve read ‘the book’ and watched some webinars/videos on OKRs and feel confident of running OKRs on your own? Sounds familiar?

OKRs look simple to implement, but they may well turn out to be rather tricky. You can still salvage the situation! Our team of world renowned OKR coaches can help you every step of the way. Whether its OKR Planning or OKR Implementation, we have you covered.

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Our Team of Master Coaches

Nikhil Maini OKR

Nikhil K Maini

Master Coach & Consultant

Kenneth P Lewis

Master Coach & Consultant

Raj Mehta

OKR Consultant

Typical 'Stuck Areas' Needing OKR Coaching

  • Should OKRs be connect to bonus/rewards?
  • How do we know we are writing the correct OKRs?
  • Some members are struggling with their OKRs, what do i do?
  • We are running the quarter cycles well, but there is no impact or change?
  • How can OKRs with with Agile/Scrum?
  • What traps do we avoid?
  • How are other organisations doing it successfully?
  • How can we speed up the OKR planning process?
  • Which is the best software to use for us?
  • How do I align OKRs within and between teams?
  • How do I align OKRs to my organisational strategy and people?
  • What are some FAQs on OKR?
  • Can I get my team certified on OKRs?

You may avail of our coaching services across the OKR implementation cycle at key touch points like:

  • Aligning OKRs to your purpose, vision, mission and values
  • Aligning OKRs to your strategy
  • OKR validation
  • Team coaching
  • Cross functional group coaching
  • Tracking and grading OKRs
  • Coaching your leaders, managers and champions

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