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OKR Examples

When looking to set OKRs, it’s natural to want examples to ignite the thought process or simply compare yours to OKR Examples.



Win in new markets.

Key Results

Achieve Net Sales of $12 Mn

Improve the Cross Sell Ratio by 15%

Average Revenue $275 per Unit Sold



Be the brand leader in the category.

Key Results

Increase Share of Market from 25% to 40%

Improve Top of Mind from 40% to 65%

Reduce Cost of Customer Acquisition by 10%



Make our company most profitable, ever.

Key Results

Improve Margin from 35% to 45%

Reduce Operating Expense Ratio from 80% to 70%

Decrease COC (Cost of Capital) by 10%

Chief of Staff


Make OKRs adoption simple and results orientated

Key Results

100% OKRs are being planned before the start of each Quarter

100% Software queries are resolved within 24 Hours

100% Adherence to Cadence Review Schedule

Digital Marketing


To Transform how digital marketing is done in the industry.

Key Results

Improve Return on Advertising Spends (RoAS) by 45%

Improve Average Time to Conversion from 12 Days to 2 Days

Reduce Cost Per Lead from $10 to $2



To provide the most stable and profitable IT support.

Key Results

Reduce Server Downtime from 12 Hours to 3 Hours

Grow IT ROI from 20% to 35%

Improve IT Costs to Revenue Ratio by 25%



Provide the most productive procurement solutions to our company.

Key Results

Improve Supplier Availability from 75% to 100%

Reduce Partner Defect Rate from 20% to 5%

Reduce PO Cycle Time from 30 Days to 2 Days

Supply Chain


Become the industry leader in Supply Chain & Logistics.

Key Results

Reduce Shipping Time from 7 Days to 1 Day

Improve Inventory Turnover Ratio from 5 to 8

Increase Order Accuracy from 85% to 95%



Win the R&D 100 Award this year.

Key Results

Reduce Carbon Footprint by 50%

Use green technology for 75% of all products

Reduce time to market from 90 Days to 30 Days



Be the role model Legal function across the industry

Key Results

Reduce cost per litigation by 50%

Achieve a score of 90% on Legallense

Reduce Vendor Contract Time from 30 Days to 7 Days



Be the most loved/used app on the planet.

Key Results

Increase Registered Users from 100m to 150m

Improve Monthly Active Users from 90m to 120m

Reduce App Crashes to 2%

Customer Success


Provide a world class customer experience

Key Results

Improve NPS from 60 to 70

Reduce First Time Resolution from 2 Days to 10 mins

Improve Customer Effort Score from 4 to 7



Provide the most efficient & effective engineering solutions to teams

Key Results

Improve Development Cycle Time from 90 Days to 30 Days

Reduce bugs / line of code by 80%

Reduce Development Cost by 40%

User Interface (UI)


To create user-friendly interfaces that 'wow' our customers

Key Results

Improve NPS from 65 to 75

Improve System Usability Score from 68 to 80

Reduce Error Rate in Tasks by 50%



Create a winning platform

Key Results

Reduce Burn Rate from 2X to 1X

Achieve Growth Rate of 150%

Improve Lead Velocity Rate from 20% to 55%

Corporate HR


To be the employer of choice in the given industry.

Key Results

Improve Employee Engagement Score from 75% to 85%

Increase Employee Retention Rate from 45% to 70%

Achieve Diversity Ratio (M:F) of 50:50

OKR Example: Emp. Engagement


To create the most engaged workforce in the industry

Key Results

Improve Employee NPS from 6 to 8

100% OKR Implementation across all teams

Reduce Average Voluntary Employee Attrition from 20% to 5%

OKR Example: DE&I


Win the CODiE Award for Best Diversity and Inclusion Team

Key Results

Achieve 50% Diversity from Monitored Group at Leadership Level

Achieve 1:1 Ratio for Rewards for Monitored Members vs. Non-Monitored Members

Annual Target of 100% Training & Development Opportunities provided to Diverse Monitored groups

OKR Example: Onboarding


Create a robust employee induction program within the company

Key Results

New Employee Onboarding Score to improve from 80% to 90%

Reduce Early Life Attrition (first 90 Days) from 30% to 5%

Improve Time to Productivity from 30 Days to 15 Days

OKR Example: Talent Acquisition


To create ‘best-in-class hiring system’ in the industry

Key Results

Improve Time to Fill from 90 Days to 45 Days

Improve Quality of Hire from 65% to 80%

Reduce Cost per hire from USD 2000 to USD 500



Launch a successful MVP

Key Results

have 100 weekly active users

Achieve a NPS score above 40

Gain 5 paid customers

Design (UX)


Reduce the number of UX issues found in production

Key Results

At least 20 design tests are run every month

UX issues represent fewer than 10% of new bug reports

Enroll 100 users to our early-access program

Source: Tability                                                                                                                         

Dev Ops


Improve the sprint planning process

Key Results

Have acceptance criteria defined for at least 90% of the stories in the backlog

Size the backlog items at least 3 days before sprint planning

Achieve the Sprint Goal confidence voting of at least 4

IT Security


Improve efficiency of vulnerability assessment process

Key Results

Decrease the number of undetected intrusion attempts within a given period from 2% to 0%

Reduce the number of unidentified devices on a network at any point of time from 5 to 0

Reduce the number of spoofing attacks – IP Address Spoofing, DNS Spoofing, HTTPS Spoofing – from 200 to 10 per day

Source: Tability, Profit                                                                                                                     

Telecom Sector


Expand 5G Coverage across the country

Key Results

Increase network speed from 6 Gbps to 10 Gbps (9Gbps to 18 Gbps)

Increase the number of 5G cellular base station from 20 to 40

Achieve high band 5G coverage of 100 million people



Increase hospital operational efficiency

Key Results

Increase Average bed occupancy rate from 70% to 80%.

Maintain Gross profit margin at 35%

Increase Medical equipment utilization rate from 80% to 90%

Source: Profit                                                                                                                     



Improve customer retention

Key Results

Decrease the policy lapse ratio from 27% to 10%

Decrease average customer churn rate from 8% to 4%

Invite 50 long term clients to a customer appreciation dinner



Improve Branch Performance

Key Results

Maintain average transactions processed per teller hour work at 10

Maintain average retail branch lobby wait time at no more than 5 minutes

Decrease cost per teller transaction from $ 4 per transaction to $ 1 per transaction

Source: Profit                                                                                                                     



Be a benchmark in Manufacturing Efficiencies

Key Results

Reduce Production Downtime from 2 Days to 12 hours

Achieve Waste Reduction Target of 20%

Improve Rejection Rate from 20% to 5%



Be a hero branch

Key Results

Increase Average Transaction Size from $200 to $300

Improve Customer Retention Rate from 45% to 60%

Achieve Perfect Order Rate of 90%

Digital Media


Be the core engine for revenue growth

Key Results

Increase Average Click Through Rate to 5.5%

Reduce Cost Per Conversion by 20%

Increase Follower Acquisition Rate by 20%



Create record efficiencies in Energy production & consumption

Key Results

Improve Consumption Rate by 20%

Reduce Cost of Production by 40%

Reduce Downtime Rate from 20% to 5%

Tech Start-up


Leap frog our start-up

Key Results

Reduce Burn Rate by 50%

Increase NPS from 45 to 65

Achieve Revenue Growth Rate of 100%



Create a profitable consulting business

Key Results

Improve Utilisation Rate by 20%

Improve Repeat Business Rate from 20% to 60%

Achieve Net Margin of 60%



Double the growth this year

Key Results

Improve Net Profit Per Customer from $400 to $800

Increase Life Time Value from $20,000 to $40,000

Reduce number Inactive Accounts from 2m to 1m



Be the top education provider in the country

Key Results

Increase the average Graduation Rate from 75% to 95%

Move the Global Ranking from 78 to top 10

Improve Quality of Education Score from 70% to 90%

IT enabled Services


Build a world class call centre

Key Results

Increase Net Promoter Score from 45 to 70

Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost from $7 to $3

Improve Staff Utilization Rate by 25%



Become the most profitable NBFC in the region

Key Results

Increase RoA to RoE Ratio from 5% to 20%

Reduce OPEX (as % of AUM) by 30%

Gross NPA Reduction to 1%

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