OKR Examples

When looking to set OKRs, it’s natural to want examples to ignite the thought process or simply compare yours to OKR Examples.

OKR Example: Sales


Win in new markets.

Key Results

Achieve Net Sales of $12 Mn

Improve the Cross Sell Ratio by 15%

Average Revenue $275 per Unit Sold

OKR Example: Marketing


Be the brand leader in the category.

Key Results

Increase Share of Market from 25% to 40%

Improve Top of Mind from 40% to 65%

Reduce Cost of Customer Acquisition by 10%

OKR Example: Finance


Make our company most profitable, ever.

Key Results

Improve Margin from 35% to 45%

Reduce Operating Expense Ratio from 80% to 70%

Decrease COC (Cost of Capital) by 10%

OKR Example: Chief of Staff


Make OKRs adoption simple and results orientated

Key Results

100% OKRs are being planned before the start of each Quarter

100% Software queries are resolved within 24 Hours

100% Adherence to Cadence Review Schedule

OKR Example: Digital Marketing


To Transform how digital marketing is done in the industry.

Key Results

Improve Return on Advertising Spends (RoAS) by 45%

Improve Average Time to Conversion from 12 Days to 2 Days

Reduce Cost Per Lead from $10 to $2

OKR Example: IT


To provide the most stable and profitable IT support.

Key Results

Reduce Server Downtime from 12 Hours to 3 Hours

Grow IT ROI from 20% to 35%

Improve IT Costs to Revenue Ratio by 25%

OKR Example: Procurement


Provide the most productive procurement solutions to our company.

Key Results

Improve Supplier Availability from 75% to 100%

Reduce Partner Defect Rate from 20% to 5%

Reduce PO Cycle Time from 30 Days to 2 Days

OKR Example: Supply Chain


Become the industry leader in Supply Chain & Logistics.

Key Results

Reduce Shipping Time from 7 Days to 1 Day

Improve Inventory Turnover Ratio from 5 to 8

Increase Order Accuracy from 85% to 95%

OKR Example: R&D


Win the R&D 100 Award this year.

Key Results

Reduce Carbon Footprint by 50%

Use green technology for 75% of all products

Reduce time to market from 90 Days to 30 Days

OKR Example: Legal


Be the role model Legal function across the industry

Key Results

Reduce cost per litigation by 50%

Achieve a score of 90% on Legallense

Reduce Vendor Contract Time from 30 Days to 7 Days

OKR Example: Product


Be the most loved/used app on the planet.

Key Results

Increase Registered Users from 100m to 150m

Improve Monthly Active Users from 90m to 120m

Reduce App Crashes to 2%

OKR Example: Customer Success


Provide a world class customer experience

Key Results

Improve NPS from 60 to 70

Reduce First Time Resolution from 2 Days to 10 mins

Improve Customer Effort Score from 4 to 7

OKR Example: Engineering


Provide the most efficient & effective engineering solutions to teams

Key Results

Improve Development Cycle Time from 90 Days to 30 Days

Reduce bugs / line of code by 80%

Reduce Development Cost by 40%

OKR Example: User Interface (UI)


To create user-friendly interfaces that 'wow' our customers

Key Results

Improve NPS from 65 to 75

Improve System Usability Score from 68 to 80

Reduce Error Rate in Tasks by 50%

OKR Example: Startup


Create a winning platform

Key Results

Reduce Burn Rate from 2X to 1X

Achieve Growth Rate of 150%

Improve Lead Velocity Rate from 20% to 55%

OKR Example: Corporate HR


To be the employer of choice in the given industry.

Key Results

Improve Employee Engagement Score from 75% to 85%

Increase Employee Retention Rate from 45% to 70%

Achieve Diversity Ratio (M:F) of 50:50

OKR Example: Emp. Engagement


To create the most engaged workforce in the industry

Key Results

Improve Employee NPS from 6 to 8

100% OKR Implementation across all teams

Reduce Average Voluntary Employee Attrition from 20% to 5%

OKR Example: DE&I


Win the CODiE Award for Best Diversity and Inclusion Team

Key Results

Achieve 50% Diversity from Monitored Group at Leadership Level

Achieve 1:1 Ratio for Rewards for Monitored Members vs. Non-Monitored Members

Annual Target of 100% Training & Development Opportunities provided to Diverse Monitored groups

OKR Example: Onboarding


Create a robust employee induction program within the company

Key Results

New Employee Onboarding Score to improve from 80% to 90%

Reduce Early Life Attrition (first 90 Days) from 30% to 5%

Improve Time to Productivity from 30 Days to 15 Days

OKR Example: Talent Acquisition


To create ‘best-in-class hiring system’ in the industry

Key Results

Improve Time to Fill from 90 Days to 45 Days

Improve Quality of Hire from 65% to 80%

Reduce Cost per hire from USD 2000 to USD 500

OKR Example: MVP


Launch a successful MVP

Key Results

have 100 weekly active users

Achieve a NPS score above 40

Gain 5 paid customers

Source - Tability

OKR Example: Design (UX)


Reduce the number of UX issues found in production

Key Results

At least 20 design tests are run every month

UX issues represent fewer than 10% of new bug reports

Enroll 100 users to our early-access program

Source - Tability

OKR Example: Dev Ops


Improve the sprint planning process

Key Results

Have acceptance criteria defined for at least 90% of the stories in the backlog

Size the backlog items at least 3 days before sprint planning

Achieve the Sprint Goal confidence voting of at least 4

Source - Profit.co

OKR Example: IT Security


Improve efficiency of vulnerability assessment process

Key Results

Decrease the number of undetected intrusion attempts within a given period from 2% to 0%

Reduce the number of unidentified devices on a network at any point of time from 5 to 0

Reduce the number of spoofing attacks – IP Address Spoofing, DNS Spoofing, HTTPS Spoofing – from 200 to 10 per day

Source - TabilityProfit.co

OKR Example: Telecom Sector


Expand 5G Coverage across the country

Key Results

Increase network speed from 6 Gbps to 10 Gbps (9Gbps to 18 Gbps)

Increase the number of 5G cellular base station from 20 to 40

Achieve high band 5G coverage of 100 million people

Source - Profit.co

OKR Example: Healthcare


Increase hospital operational efficiency

Key Results

Increase Average bed occupancy rate from 70% to 80%.

Maintain Gross profit margin at 35%

Increase Medical equipment utilization rate from 80% to 90%

Source - Profit.co

OKR Example: Insurance


Improve customer retention

Key Results

Decrease the policy lapse ratio from 27% to 10%

Decrease average customer churn rate from 8% to 4%

Invite 50 long term clients to a customer appreciation dinner

Source - Profit.co

OKR Example: Banking


Improve Branch Performance

Key Results

Maintain average transactions processed per teller hour work at 10

Maintain average retail branch lobby wait time at no more than 5 minutes

Decrease cost per teller transaction from $ 4 per transaction to $ 1 per transaction

Source - Profit.co

OKR Example: Manufacturing


Be a benchmark in Manufacturing Efficiencies

Key Results

Reduce Production Downtime from 2 Days to 12 hours

Achieve Waste Reduction Target of 20%

Improve Rejection Rate from 20% to 5%

OKR Example: Retail


Be a hero branch

Key Results

Increase Average Transaction Size from $200 to $300

Improve Customer Retention Rate from 45% to 60%

Achieve Perfect Order Rate of 90%

OKR Example: Digital Media


Be the core engine for revenue growth

Key Results

Increase Average Click Through Rate to 5.5%

Reduce Cost Per Conversion by 20%

Increase Follower Acquisition Rate by 20%

OKR Example: Energy


Create record efficiencies in Energy production & consumption

Key Results

Improve Consumption Rate by 20%

Reduce Cost of Production by 40%

Reduce Downtime Rate from 20% to 5%

OKR Example: Tech Start-up


Leap frog our start-up

Key Results

Reduce Burn Rate by 50%

Increase NPS from 45 to 65

Achieve Revenue Growth Rate of 100%

OKR Example: Consulting


Create a profitable consulting business

Key Results

Improve Utilisation Rate by 20%

Improve Repeat Business Rate from 20% to 60%

Achieve Net Margin of 60%

OKR Example: Fin-Tech


Double the growth this year

Key Results

Improve Net Profit Per Customer from $400 to $800

Increase Life Time Value from $20,000 to $40,000

Reduce number Inactive Accounts from 2m to 1m

OKR Example: Education


Be the top education provider in the country

Key Results

Increase the average Graduation Rate from 75% to 95%

Move the Global Ranking from 78 to top 10

Improve Quality of Education Score from 70% to 90%

OKR Example: IT enabled Services


Build a world class call centre

Key Results

Increase Net Promoter Score from 45 to 70

Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost from $7 to $3

Improve Staff Utilization Rate by 25%

OKR Example: NBFC


Become the most profitable NBFC in the region

Key Results

Increase RoA to RoE Ratio from 5% to 20%

Reduce OPEX (as % of AUM) by 30%

Gross NPA Reduction to 1%

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