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OKR Champion Certification
Why Get Certified on OKRs?
The OKR Champion Certification is fast emerging as the top 10 tools to help organisations grow exponentially in the post-pandemic business era. With the likes of Google, Microsoft, Colgate-Palmolive, Intel, Spotify, LinkedIn, et al going the OKR way, it offers a simple way to connect your strategy to your company goals and your people.

Once you are Certified on OKRs, you will enable yourself to train your clients or colleagues on how to use OKR Solutions, align them to your team and organizational goals and also coach leaders from time to time. OKR International is world’s leading Training & Certifications provider on OKRs.

Key Benefits

Gain world class recognition as a Certified OKR Practitioner.
Help your colleagues or clients rapidly convert their strategy into results.
Create more employee engagement and collaboration using OKRs.
Align your efforts and resources to the organisational priorities.

Who Should Attend?

HR & OD Professionals
Change Leaders
Start Up Professionals
Agile Coaches
Strategy Office
Project Managers

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Our suite of OKR Training Services

OKR Orientation

Fully customised sessions to suit your needs. We have a range of orientation sessions including Virtual Learning, Half-Day & Full-Day Sessions.

  • History of OKRs
  • Benefits
  • Process of OKR
  • Defining OKRs
  • Examples of OKRs
  • Implementing OKRs
  • Best Practices & Guidelines
  • Tracking & Grading OKRs

OKR Workshops

Specifically designed to help leaders, managers and teams be able to create, align & validate OKRs. Key themes covered in our workshops are

  • Converting Strategy to OKRs
  • Tactical OKRs
  • Operational OKRs
  • Cross Functional OKRs
  • OKR Alignment
  • Balancing OKRs
  • Validating OKRs
  • OKR Software Integration

OKR Skill Programs

The C-F-R approach requires conscious application of key skills like coaching, feedback, feed-forward and meeting management.

  • Coaching Skills
  • Feedback Skills
  • Feed-forward Skills
  • Appreciative Listening™
  • Catalytic Questioning™
  • Cadence Management Skills
  • Grading OKRs
  • Reporting Progress Templates

OKR Certifications

Ger certified as world-class OKR Practitioner by attending our Certified OKR Practitioner (C-OKRP) course either face to face or virtually.

  • Types of OKRs & DNA
  • Converting Strategy into OKRs
  • Crafting & Aligning OKRs
  • Using Technology for OKRs
  • Implementation Management
  • OKR Skills
  • OKR Examination
  • Validating OKRs

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