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OKR – How To Series

How To Write Outstanding OKRs

An innovative organization practices agility through alignment, prioritization, accountability, transparency, and empowerment. OKRs (Objective & Key Results) is one such framework that allows organizations to focus on all these attributes to ensure that their teams are aligned to its dynamic goals in order to succeed. Setting OKRs propels your team to achieve seemingly impossible goals […]
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How to create a well-balanced OKR- (Banner (Landscape))

Balancing OKRs

Creating the perfect mix whilst Balancing OKRs Balancing OKRs is about getting your success measures truly aligned with the Objective at hand. How you measure success is a key determinant of how successful you will eventually get in your OKR planning & implementation. Efficiency vs. Effectiveness A company’s bottom line dictates how efficient it is […]
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