how to write an okr in 5 minutes (1)

How to write an OKR in 5 minutes, flat?

Avoid making common mistakes when writing OKRs. Follow these steps and learn how to write OKRs in 3 easy steps. These steps help you craft your OKR as per the OKR Framework.

  1. Start from the intention.

    As yourself “What’s my larger vision or mission?” let’s take an example that all of us can understand.
    Vision/Mission: To get Healthy and stay Fit

  2. Define an Objective.

    When trying to craft an Objective, ensure that you are choose something that fits the following criteria:
    a. It must inspire you and connect to your heart.
    b. It must be aspirational with a stretch challenge.
    c. Do no put any numbers here, just the direction of your goal.
    d. It should tell you where you want to be.

    For the example above, since your mission is to get healthy and stay fit, a good objective would be…
    Objective: To be a role model for good health and fitness.

  3. Create a Key Result.

    Your Key Result for the above mentioned objective must be those success factors that help you achieve your goal (To be a role model for good health and fitness). If it does not perform that function, then you may be choosing the wrong objective. The Key Results must follow certain guidelines as below:
    a. It must have a metric (KPI) & a target (increase or decrease over time).
    b. You should not have more that 3 to 5 Key Results for each Objective.
    c. Each KR must be measurable and verifiable.

    For the following objective:
    Objective: To be a role model for good health and fitness.
    The 3 Key Results could be:
    1. Lose 10 Kg weight in Q1 (Jan-Mar 2021).
    2. Be able to run 5 Kilometres under 20 minutes in Q1 (Jan-Mar 2021)
    3. Reduce Body Fat content by 30% in Q1 (Jan-Mar 2021).

    Note: the highlighted words in the above 3 examples are the Metrics or KPIs. The factors like 10Kg, 5Km & 30% are targets.

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