The Real OKR Implementation Guide

The ‘Real’ OKR Implementation Guide

The ‘Real’ OKR Implementation Guide What you need to know before you go about implementing OKRs for the first time. So, you’ve read a book, watched some videos and now you are ready for OKRs! You go ahead and even get yourself a ‘fremium’ software to run OKRs. You talk to your peers, colleagues or […]
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Certified OKR Practitioner in Dubai

Certified OKR Professional, Dubai

OKR Champion Certification, Dubai OKR International is a leading brand in OKR Certification, Coaching & Consulting in Dubai, UAE. We are world leaders in Everything-OKRTM. OKR International is the flagship brand under the auspices of its parent group, Seven. Our purpose is to help transform organizations by making them more agile, more collaborative and more […]
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how to write an okr in 5 minutes (1)

How to write an OKR in 5 minutes?

How to write an OKR in 5 minutes, flat? Avoid making common mistakes when writing OKRs. Follow these steps and learn how to write OKRs in 3 easy steps. These steps help you craft your OKR as per the OKR Framework. Struggling to write them yourself? Get professional experience here.
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FAQ (Banner (Landscape)) (2)


Top 12 Questions Leaders Have About OKR (Objectives & Key Results) These top 12 questions are hand-picked from the most common questions or OKR FAQs we have received from our experience with OKRs. The answers are based on practical examples and first hand experience of working with several hundreds of leaders and managers across industries. […]
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Key Benefits of using OKRs

What are the key benefits of using OKRs?

OKR is fast emerging as one of the top tools for strategy execution around the world. What are the key benefits of using OKRs? Here are the key benefits of  using OKRs:   Laser Focus on Priorities: By virtue of the very structure of the OKR Framework, it allows organisations, teams and individuals to focus on […]
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My Personal OKRs


Reflection There was never a time in my life as this one, that I have seen humankind rendered so vulnerable and insignificant by something that is not even visible to the naked eye. Over the last month, I have watched and learned what’s going on with this “yet to sink in” pandemic that the world […]
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Mistakes to avoid while implementing OKRs.

Culture Vulture: Implementing OKRs requires a culture of transparency, collaboration and tolerance to ‘first time mistakes’. Companies implementing OKRs need to be ready to provide the right environment for people to implement OKRs. OKR Ham: Good OKR implementation always involves a layered approach where OKRs are implemented in stages and not all at once. Getting carried away […]
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OKR – Examples of good Objectives

OKR Examples of Good Objectives When looking to set OKRs, it’s natural to want examples to ignite the thought process or simply compare your OKRs to existing to OKR Examples. The sad truth is that 95% Employees cannot name the top Objectives of their company (Source – Robert Kaplan). This stands detrimental in being able […]
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OKR in a Snap Shot

OKR in a Snap Shot OBJECTIVES Objectives answer the question – where do you want to go? what do we want to achieve?  Ambitious, qualitative, exciting, directional and actionable by the team or individual.  Objectives can be Committed or Aspirational and start with action verbs.  Objectives can be set for a year and then for […]
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