OKR Certification

OKR Introduction – What Are OKRs?

OKR Introduction- What are OKRs? Setting OKRs propels your team to achieve seemingly impossible goals whilst continuously learning. Organizations are faced with the unique challenge of being amidst times when the pace of change has become exponential. Leaders are faced with the challenge of keeping teams aligned to ever-changing goal posts. Read on to learn […]
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How to Align OKRs

How to Align OKRs: Webinar by OKR International

How to Align OKR’s: Webinar by OKR Internationals Why use OKRs? In a recent survey within Gen Z and Y, they were asked to define an engaging performance management system, and what they really expect it to help them achieve. It was found that they want to move from Performance Management to Performance Enablement. While […]
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Landscape of OKRs in India

What is the landscape of OKRs in India? To answer this question, there would have to be another question: When is an organization ready to use OKRs? Within today’s growing economy, Indian organizations looking to double their growth/ grow exponentially or step into unexplored markets, and step into a competitive space against the rest of […]
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