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Create an Agile, Innovative & High Performance Organisation with OKR International. From Strategies to OKRs, from Culture Transformation to Leadership Development, OKR International’s solutions provide your organization with the power & scale to grow exponentially. 

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C-OKRP Level 1 - OKR Certification

Certified OKR Practitioner

The Certified OKR Practitioner (C-OKRP™) by OKR International is the gold standard in OKR education. The first and only professional OKR accreditation endorsed by ICF & HRCI for continuing education units.

This program has been pre-approved for 16 hours of Business Credit units toward aPHR®, aPHRi™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™ and SPHRi™ recertification through HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) & 16 Hours of CCE units from ICF.

C-OKRP Level 2 - OKR Certification

Where we Play

Agile Performance Management

Integrate OKRs with your performance management system

Agile Performance Management

Learn how Agile Performance Management can help you bridge the gap between strategy and execution.
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OKR Coach Certification

The gold standard in OKR Coach Accreditation

Certified OKR Practitioner

The first and only OKR accreditation endorsed by ICF & HRCI for continuing education units.
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OKR Foundation Course

Immersive 2.5 hours to get you started with the basics of OKRs

OKR Foundation Course

Our world-class foundation course is a great way to learn the Basics of OKRs.
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OKR Implementation

Full stack OKR Implementation services

OKR Implementation

Bring OKRs to your organisation with our tried & tested OKR Framework
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OKR Advisory

World-class OKR coaching & mentoring services

OKR Advisory

Consult our experts to launch or re-launch OKRs in your organization
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OKRs for VCs

Jumpstart Your Portfolio with OKRs for Venture Funds

OKRs for VCs

Understand the performance of your portfolios in real time and make better decisions
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Welcome to OKR International

About Us

OKR International is a leading consulting & research company specializing in Strategy, Agile Performance Management, OKRs Certification and OKRs Implementation. Our purpose is to help transform organisations by making them more agile, more collaborative and more successful. 

With our core framework centered around Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), we offer unique and transformative solutions that empower companies to embrace agility, collaboration, and ultimately achieve greater success. Our aim is to drive positive change and enable organizations to thrive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

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Our Unique Value Proposition

Unlocking Agile Potential

OKR International goes beyond traditional consulting services by helping companies in adopting a strategic approach that encourages adaptability, rapid iteration, and innovation. By unlocking their agile potential, our clients gain a competitive edge, seize new opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth.

Collaboration Catalyst

At OKR International, we recognize the pivotal role collaboration plays in driving organizational success. We facilitate a culture of collaboration, breaking down silos and fostering cross-functional teamwork. Our expert consultants provide guidance on aligning teams, setting shared goals, and establishing effective communication channels. By becoming collaboration catalysts, we empower companies to harness the collective intelligence of their workforce, fuel creativity, and achieve breakthrough results.

Performance Amplifiers

We help our clients develop robust execution strategies, aligning every individual and team with the broader organizational objectives. Our consultants provide valuable insights and expertise to optimize performance management processes, enabling companies to measure progress, track key metrics, and drive continuous improvement. By becoming performance amplifiers, we elevate organizations to new heights of excellence.

Our Leader at OKR International

Nikhil Maini
Nikhil Maini MD & CEO - OKR International

Nikhil Maini is a distinguished business coach and entrepreneur renowned for his expertise in Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). As the Managing Director and CEO of OKR International, he has led the company to become a global leader in OKR services, offering comprehensive certifications, coaching, and implementation solutions.

Under his visionary leadership, OKR International has transformed numerous businesses, making Nikhil a pivotal figure in the global OKR landscape. His thought leadership and innovative approaches continue to drive success for organizations worldwide, solidifying his reputation as a foremost authority in the field.

Our Global Franchise Associates

Marco Scarpellino
Marco Scarpellino Redlab, The Consultancy (Italy)
Mr. Phan Van Dung
Mr. Phan Van Dung Link Power (Vietnam)
Tran Viet Ha
Tran Viet Ha Link Power (Vietnam)
Raj Mehta
Raj Mehta Synergogy (India)
Arief Dharmawan
Arief Dharmawan Akselerasi (Indonesia)
Agung Windriatmoko
Agung Windriatmoko Akselerasi (Indonesia)
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Our Global Coaches Panel

Richard Marsden
Richard Marsden United Kingdom
Bruno Perin
Bruno Perin Brazil
Bruno Perin
Bruno Perin EMEA
Natalie Webb
Natalie Webb USA
Xesco Vilches
Xesco Vilches Spain
Doreen Baffoe
Doreen Baffoe Ghana
Moamen Youseff
Moamen Youseff Egypt
Ana Kuchynska
Ana Kuchynska Portugal
Dennis Foo
Dennis Foo China
Rudi Rahadian
Rudi Rahadian Indonesia
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