OKRs for Venture Funds

Venture funds need to ensure their investments yield solid results. Our OKR solutions will help you keep your eyes on the prize.

Setting OKRs goes beyond just the organization's needs to grow. By regularly tracking a Portfolio's OKRs, Venture Funds can understand the performance of their portfolios in real time and make better decisions.

Jumpstart Your Portfolio with OKRs for Venture Funds

Leadership Coaching
Focus on Development
Most leaders in startups are bogged down with execution. This provides them little time to focus on creating the right culture and systems for their growing organization. Everyone needs a coach!
Clarity of Direction
Enrol People
In a recent study 95% of people in companies were unaware of their company's goals. Ensure employees in your portfolio are clear about why they do what they do.
Save on Wastages
Build Success & Win
Nearly 20-30% ventures fail due to inefficiencies in the business. Grow your portfolio in a sustained manner and best your competition through efficiency.
Eliminate Data Silos
Portfolio Performance
Your portfolio needs to give you returns. Making the right decisions depends on having performance metrics at your finger-tips. See how units are performing with real-time, transparent data.

OKRs for Venture Funds

Plans & Packages


1 Quarter Cycle
  • OKR User Training (Max 20)
  • Company Level OKRs
  • Team Level OKRs
  • OKR Implementation Templates


  • OKR User Training (Additional 30)
  • 10 Cadence Review Meets X 1 Hr
  • 1 Quarter End Retro X 2 Hrs
  • OKR Planning - Next Qtr. Cycle


Fully customised plan.
  • Any number of cycles
  • Any number of employees
  • Any number of teams
  • Budget friendly

Venture Funds Partnerships

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