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OKR Certification in Muscat

Certified OKR Professional, Muscat

OKR Champion Certification, Muscat OKR International brings to you the Certified OKR Practitioner Course in Muscat or C-OKRP™ . The C-OKRP™ is the only OKR accreditation to be approved by the ICF and HRCI for recertification units, thus making it the gold standard in OKR Accreditation. A 16-hour certification course staggered over 2 separate days, […]
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OKR Applications based comapny

Which Companies Use OKRs To Grow

Introduction to OKRs A goal setting framework that has helped organizations of different scales perform to achieve exponential growth with every quarter, OKRs are becoming popular today, even more so, with the advent of OKR Software. Through a focus on priority, alignment between teams, regular check-ins and sustainable growth, we see several big names turning […]
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Should you link OKRs with Performance Management?

  Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are revolutionizing the way organizations set, track, and realize ambitious goals. At the same time, there is a lure to connect them to Performance Management. The question to be asked is if OKRs and Performance Management should be linked. In this article, you will find more about whether you […]
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