Mistakes to avoid while implementing OKRs.

Culture Vulture: Implementing OKRs requires a culture of transparency, collaboration and tolerance to ‘first time mistakes’. Companies implementing OKRs need to be ready to provide the right environment for people to implement OKRs.

OKR Ham: Good OKR implementation always involves a layered approach where OKRs are implemented in stages and not all at once. Getting carried away and setting too many OKRs for people and setting OKRs for your entire company at a go can create considerable chaos.

Role Models – Please Stand Up: Without the right leadership role-modeling, OKRs usually fail. When members of the organisation see their leaders unable to ‘walk-the-talk’, they lose faith quickly and easily.

Master Master, Teach Me Kung-Fu: Setting goals is easy, implementing them is difficult. In the absence of the right rigor and discipline to review progress through frequent cadence meetings, the entire OKR system is prone to collapse.

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