What is the landscape of OKRs in India?

To answer this question, there would have to be another question: When is an organization ready to use OKRs?


Within today’s growing economy, Indian organizations looking to double their growth/ grow exponentially or step into unexplored markets, and step into a competitive space against the rest of the world, can hugely benefit from OKRs. 

The Indian landscape consists of traditional top-management, middle-management and field force organizations that adhere to a linear model which is essentially top-down in nature. These organizations may find using OKRs a little difficult. 

There are organizations within service operations and BPO that contain fairly standard requirements of quality and quantity. Hence, the scope of OKRs is not very expansive. 

However, looking at the startups and small-scale businesses that are emerging today, it is fairly correct to estimate that their growth within the competition can only be furthered by OKRs. 

The examples set by big organizations such as Intel and Google are only further contributing to the popularity of OKRs in India. 

While the landscape of OKRs in India will continue to shift over time, the energy that OKRs creates within organizations is bound to promote success!

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