My Personal OKRs


There was never a time in my life as this one, that I have seen humankind rendered so vulnerable and insignificant by something that is not even visible to the naked eye.

Over the last month, I have watched and learned what’s going on with this “yet to sink in” pandemic that the world is faced with. Economies are tumbling and so are businesses and families across the world.

Well, its also a time when we as humans come together and do what we do best…use the human spirit to survive and thrive and re-invent ourselves. Never before has it been so important to maintain focus. Never before has it been so important to be disciplined. And Never before has it been so important to keep the main thing, the main thing.

Why OKRs?

I have spent a huge part of last year (2019) helping companies adopt and implement OKRs (For those who don’t know, OKRs are Objectives and Key Results – a simple system of goal setting and performance execution that allows you to focus on results and what’s critical to succeed. The world’s top companies are using it today because they recognise the importance of Agile ways of working in our VUCA world).

The one thing that kept lurking at the back of my mind was the exciting opportunity to use OKRs in one’s personal life. By the sheer design of it, OKRs compel you to think about what’s important and bring the laser focus you need in achieving success. well then, that begs the question – ‘What does success look like, in times of COVID-19?’

My Personal OKRs

I have taken this opportunity to share my personal OKRs for the next 3 months (OKRs work in quarterly cycles). I am hoping this will provide you with a semblance of inspiration to think through your own definition of success and eventually work on your own OKRs.

These OKRs are now serving as a lighthouse by regulating how I conduct myself for the sake of my family, friends, business and society. While the initiatives will change and evolve over the time, my objectives remain sacrosanct; they remain germane in preserving my sense of personal and professional solidarity.

Reach Out

I would be happy to help you think through your personal or professional OKRs for which you can reach me at

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