OKR in a Snap Shot


  • Objectives answer the question – where do you want to go? what do we want to achieve?
  •  Ambitious, qualitative, exciting, directional and actionable by the team or individual.
  •  Objectives can be Committed or Aspirational and start with action verbs.
  •  Objectives can be set for a year and then for every quarter.
  •  There are no more than 3 to 5 Objectives for a year or a quarter.
  •  Objectives could revolve around core factors like Customer, Performance, Revenue, Engagement or Growth.


  • Key results answer the question – how will we measure our success? how do we know we are getting there?
  •  Key Results are quantitative, measurable and difficult but not impossible.
  •  Key results can be attached to both Committed as well as Aspirational Objectives.
  •  They are KPIs with targets and contain measures that are time-bound.
  •  There are no more than 3 to 5 KRs for each objective.
  •  KRs can be monetary, people based, progress based, percentage based, grade based, or stage/phase based.


  • Initiatives answer the question – what do we do to get there?
  •  Initiatives are activities that you undertake that is necessary to achieve a Key Result.
  •  They are within your circle of influence.
  •  You need at least 1 initiative for each Key Result.

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