OKR Examples of Good Objectives

When looking to set OKRs, it’s natural to want examples to ignite the thought process or simply compare your OKRs to existing to OKR Examples.

The sad truth is that 95% Employees cannot name the top Objectives of their company (Source – Robert Kaplan). This stands detrimental in being able to align your actions with your goals. Aside from the clarity that one requires in seeing the big picture and measuring where they are headed, communicating your goals is a big challenge. Employees need to know how their contributions are adding up to the company bottom-lines. This is the strongest source of inspiration and motivation for people at the workplace.

Inculcating a culture of transparency in objective setting and helping people align to the overall goals of your organisation is a good starting point for organisational success.

Here are some Objectives within several domains that are often used to define a blueprint of success and achieve your OKRs.

  • Sales OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
Win in new markets.Achieve Net Sales of $12 Mn
Improve the Cross Sell Ratio by 15%
Average Revenue $275 per Unit Sold
  • Marketing OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
Be the brand leader in the category.Increase Share of Market from 25% to 40%
Improve Top of Mind from 40% to 65%
Reduce Cost of Customer Acquisition by 10%
  • Finance OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
Make our company most profitable, ever.Improve Margin from 35% to 45%
Reduce Operating Expense Ratio from 80% to 70%
Decrease COC (Cost of Capital) by 10%
  • HR OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
To be the employer of choice in the given industry.Improve Employee Engagement Score from 75% to 85%
Increase Employee Retention Rate from 45% to 70%
Achieve Diversity Ratio (M:F) of 50:50
  • Digital Marketing OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
To Transform how digital marketing is done in the industry.Improve Return on Advertising Spends (RoAS) by 45%
Improve Average Time to Conversion from 12 Days to 2 Days
Reduce Cost Per Lead from $10 to $2
  • IT OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
To provide the most stable and profitable IT support.Reduce Server Downtime from 12 Hours to 3 Hours
Grow IT ROI from 20% to 35%
Improve IT Costs to Revenue Ratio by 25%
  • Procurement OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
Provide the most productive procurement solutions to our company.Improve Supplier Availability from 75% to 100%
Reduce Partner Defect Rate from 20% to 5%
Reduce PO Cycle Time from 30 Days to 2 Days
  • Supply Chain & Logistics OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
Become the industry leader in Supply Chain & Logistics.Reduce Shipping Time from 7 Days to 1 Day
Improve Inventory Turnover Ratio from 5 to 8
Increase Order Accuracy from 85% to 95%
  • R&D OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
Win the R&D 100 Award this year.Reduce Carbon Footprint by 50%
Use green technology for 75% of all products
Reduce time to market from 90 Days to 30 Days
  • Legal OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
Be the role model Legal function across the industryReduce cost per litigation by 50%
Achieve a score of 90% on Legallense
Reduce Vendor Contract Time from 30 Days to 7 Days
  • Product OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
Be the most loved/used app on the planet.Increase Registered Users from 100m to 150m
Improve Monthly Active Users from 90m to 120m
Reduce App Crashes to 2%
  • Customer Success OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
Provide a world class customer experience.Improve NPS from 60 to 70
Reduce First Time Resolution from 2 Days to 10 mins
Improve Customer Effort Score from 4 to 7
  • Engineering OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
Provide the most efficient & effective engineering solutions to teamsImprove Development Cycle Time from 90 Days to 30 Days
Reduce bugs / line of code by 80%
Reduce Development Cost by 40%
  • User Interface (UI) OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
To create user-friendly interfaces that ‘wow’ our customersImprove NPS from 65 to 75
Improve System Usability Score from 68 to 80
Reduce Error Rate in Tasks by 50%
  • Startup OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
Create a winning platformReduce Burn Rate from 2X to 1X
Achieve Growth Rate of 150%
Improve Lead Velocity Rate from 20% to 55%
  • Chief of Staff OKR
ObjectiveKey Results
Make OKRs adoption simple and results orientated100% OKRs are being planned before the start of each Quarter
100% Software queries are resolved within 24 Hours
100% Adherence to Cadence Review Schedule

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