Certified OKR Practitioner in Muscat

OKR Champion Certification, Muscat

OKR International brings to you the Certified OKR Practitioner Course in Muscat or C-OKRP™ . The C-OKRP™ is the only OKR accreditation to be approved by the ICF and HRCI for recertification units, thus making it the gold standard in OKR Accreditation.

A 16-hour certification course staggered over 2 separate days, this first-of-its-kind accreditation program is based on a highly-researched OKR Body of Knowledge or OKR-BOK™  that covers OKR Principles, OKR Framework, OKR Skills and OKR Processes.

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Delving into the course curriculum, the course content includes:

Why OKRs? : An introduction to OKRs and its superpowers
OKR DNA: Definition and standards of OKRs and initiatives

OKR Practice: Crafting OKRs and receiving feedback

OKR Cycles and Levels: OKR Implementation across the organization

Balancing OKRs: Creating sustained growth

Value-Based KRs: Generating an outcome-based mindset

OKR Alignment: Aligning OKRs multi-directionally

OKR Process: Implementation for first-time users

OKR Rituals: Rituals in planning and implementing

OKR Champions: How to be an OKR Champion

SAFE Model: Looking at scenarios during implementation

OKR Conversations: Coaching, Feedback and Acknowledgement Skills

Psychological Safety: Build the right culture for OKRs to thrive

Cadence Reviews: Plan & Conduct

Examinations: Pass the test with a 75% score and earn your badge

While Day 1 instructs participants on the OKR Framework, Principles and Processes, Day 2 is focused on those OKR Skills that are necessary to help them achieve the Certified OKR Practitioner Level-2 Accreditation and thus become an OKR Coach or an OKR Champion in Muscat.

Who is the C-OKRP for?
CEOs/CXOs/Chiefs of Staff

HR Professionals

Change Leaders

Startup Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Agile Coaches & Project Managers

Course Materials
Participant Manual & Work Book

Ready-to-use Templates

OKR Checklists

Articles & Handouts

Process Maps

Course Methodology
Adult Learning Techniques

Case Studies & Videos

Real World Examples


Cohort Exercises & Learning

Hear from some of our clients in the Middle East:

“The course drew a clear mind map for me on how to apply OKR.” – Tariq Abdulaziz, Vision-2030 Strategy Expert I Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) I Saudi Arabia

“Very happy to attend such a focused and well-structured training. Nikhil & Kenneth: you are really good coaches.”- Principal Consultant – Mercer

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For any queries, write to us at kenneth@okrinternational.com OKR International is a global strategy and management consulting firm that provides services in successful OKR implementation in more than a dozen locations. OKR International is one of the very first OKR Management Companies in India that offers services in OKR Accreditation, OKR Consulting & Advisory Services and OKR Coaching services to companies across the globe.

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