Certified OKR Practitioner in Muscat
OKR Champion Certification, Muscat

OKR International is a leading brand in OKR Certification, Coaching & Consulting in Muscat, Oman. We are world leaders in Everything-OKRTM. OKR International is the flagship brand under the auspices of its parent group, Seven. Our purpose is to help transform organizations by making them more agile, more collaborative and more successful.

We have a global footprint in 12 countries with a repertoire across 20+ industries. Helping organizations globally to differentiate their only competitive advantage (People) has been our raison d’être since the time of our inception.

With proven improvements to client company bottom-lines, our OKR solutions are aimed at creating practical, workable solutions that are based on Cross Industry Experience & Global Practices. We are global leaders in OKR Implementation, Training & Coaching.

What is the OKR Coach Certification?

OKRs are fast emerging as the top 10 tools to help organizations grow exponentially in the post-pandemic business era. With the likes of Google, Microsoft, Colgate-PalmoliveIntel, Spotify, LinkedIn, et al going the OKR way, it offers a simple framework to connect your strategy to your company goals and your people.

The Certified OKR Practitioner accreditation program is a 16-hour certification course staggered over 2 separate days. This accreditation program is the first of its kind to be endorsed by International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) for continuing education units. 

The Certified OKR Practitioner accreditation is based on highly-researched OKR Body of Knowledge (OKR-BOK™)  that covers OKR Framework, OKR Principles, OKR Processes and OKR Skills

Day 1 is focused on the OKR Framework, Principles and Processes and helps you achieve the Certified OKR Practitioner Level-1 Accreditation.  Day 2 is focused on OKR Skills that are necessary to help you achieve the Certified OKR Practitioner Level-2 Accreditation and thus become an OKR Coach or Champion

Who Should Attend the OKR Certification Program?

1. C- Suite Executives
2. HR Practitioners
3. Team Leaders
4. Start Up Professionals
5. Agile Coaches
6. Strategy Execution Experts
7. Academicians


What are the benefits of being Certified as an OKR Coach?

1. Gain world class recognition as a Certified OKR Practitioner.
2. Help your colleagues or clients rapidly convert their strategy into results.
3. Create more employee engagement and collaboration using OKRs.
4. Align your efforts and resources to the organizational priorities.

How do I register for the next workshop?
Click Here or write to us at nikhil@okrinternational.com 


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