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OKR Champion Certification, Jerusalem

OKR International is a leading brand in OKR Certification, Coaching & Consulting in Jerusalem, Israel. We are world leaders in Everything-OKRTM. OKR International is the flagship brand under the auspices of its parent group, Seven. Our purpose is to help transform organizations by making them more agile, more collaborative and more successful.

We have a global footprint in 12 countries with a repertoire across 20+ industries. Helping organizations globally to differentiate their only competitive advantage (People) has been our raison d’être since the time of our inception.

With proven improvements to client company bottom-lines, our OKR solutions are aimed at creating practical, workable solutions that are based on Cross Industry Experience & Global Practices. We are global leaders in OKR Implementation, Training & Coaching.

What is the OKR Champion’s Certification?

OKRs are fast emerging as the top 10 tools to help organizations grow exponentially in the post-pandemic business era.
With the likes of Google, Microsoft, Colgate-PalmoliveIntel, Spotify, LinkedIn, et al going the OKR way, it offers a simple framework to connect your strategy to your company goals and your people.
Once you are Certified on OKRs, you will enable yourself to train your clients or colleagues on how to use OKRs, align them to your team and organizational goals and also coach leaders from time to time.

What are the benefits of being Certified in OKRs?

1. Gain world class recognition as a Certified OKR Practitioner.
2. Help your colleagues or clients rapidly convert their strategy into results.
3. Create more employee engagement and collaboration using OKRs.
4. Align your efforts and resources to the organizational priorities.

OKR International offers remote, virtual coaching services in the midst of the current pandemic related travel restrictions.

Who Should Attend the OKR Certification Program?

1. C- Suite Executives
2. HR Practitioners
3. Team Leaders
4. Start Up Professionals
5. Agile Coaches
6. Strategy Execution Experts
7. Academicians

What is the Process of OKR Certification?

The OKR Champion Certification (Certified OKR Practitioner, C-OKRP) is a world class certification program that qualifies you to practice OKRs using our time-tested OKR Framework.
1. Once you register for the course, you will be given pre-work to be completed that involves getting ready for OKRs.
2. You are then invited to attend the virtual training session that covers the OKR Body of Knowledge (OKR-BOK).
3. Once your training is complete, you will be required to take an online examination to test your knowledge and skills acquired. You need to score a minimum 75% in order be certified.
4. Once you complete your certification process, you receive a lifetime license to practice OKRs along with a credential ID and a certification badge that can be displayed on your Linked-In profile.
5. The course offers you participant materials, OKR templates and other materials that will come handy when you practice OKRs.
6. You are also invited to join the OKR Community on Linked-In where you receive and share regular updates about OKRs.

When is the next OKR Certification Program scheduled?

The calendar for the upcoming OKR Certification Program (Certified OKR Practitioner, C-OKRP) is available here.
You can fill in your details in the form in order to register for the program.
Once we receive your information, we will process your registration for the dates you prefer.
To download the program flyer, please click here.

How do I get more information on OKRs?

For information on OKR Certification, Coaching or Implementation, please contact us at the given co-ordinates below.

WhatsApp Message: +91.8104856725 / +91.9820222774

Email: nikhil@okrinternational.com

Contact Us Form: Click Here

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